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Dual Credit

Earn College Credit in High School

South Dakota high school juniors and seniors can earn credits that will satisfy requirements for high school graduation AND get a head start on college credits. Dual credit courses are affordable and convenient. Students may take advantage of both online and on-campus courses, including general education and career and technical education courses.

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Dual Credit courses cost $50.84 per credit hour — that is about one-fifth of the cost of traditional college tuition.



South Dakota high school students interested and taking Dual Credit courses should work with his or her high school counselor. Counselors are knowledgeable in the Dual Credit enrollment process and can offer guidance through the application and registration process


Dual Credit courses cost $50.84 per credit hour – that is about one-fifth the cost of traditional college tuition. Students will also be responsible for any additional required fees, textbooks or course materials in addition to the tuition charge. Financial Aid and Scholarship funding are not available for Dual Credit courses.  

Courses may be paid for at the Southeast Tech Business Office or online. 

Pay Tuition

Beyond High School

Transfer Credits: Enrolling in Dual Credit courses while in high school is a great way to jumpstart your college career. However, be aware that not all courses are transferrable to all post-secondary institutions. Be sure to clarify this at the college you plan to attend before registering. 

Enrolling at Southeast Tech: Dual Credit students wishing to enroll at Southeast Tech after high school graduation must apply as a degree-seeking student and meet specific admissions criteria unique to his or her program of choice. Dual Credit enrollment does not guarantee acceptance, but students are encouraged to apply early to increase chances of admission, especially when pursuing high-demand degrees and diplomas.

Transcripts: Students previously enrolled in Dual Credit classes at Southeast Tech and in need of transcripts may request them from the Registrar's Office. 

Request Transcripts


Yes. Please check your schedule to ensure you know the dates that classes start. You are required to start classes when they officially begin. This applies to both on-campus and online courses.

Yes. Students must take a minimum of 12 credits to receive full-time financial aid per semester. In addition, students who receive below a 2.0 GPA or who don’t complete 67% of their college coursework in a semester go on Academic Warning. They then have one semester to receive at least a 2.0 GPA as well as complete 67% of their courses in order to get off of Academic Warning. Students not meeting this requirement go on Academic Suspension, which results in the loss of their financial aid.

Each college is different, so be sure to research what the academic requirements are for the college you’re interested in attending after high school.

Yes. Please remember the grades you receive in your college courses contribute to your high school and college GPA.

To drop a Dual Credit course, students must complete and return the Dual Credit Drop Form. Please see the deadlines and drop dates on the Academic Calendar. 

Dual Credit Drop Form   Academic Calendar

If you withdraw from or receive an "F" in a dual credit course, you will not be able to continue in the South Dakota Dual Credit program. However, reinstatement may be granted in some circumstances. 

More information and appeal form

To find out more about dual credit opportunities in South Dakota, please visit

Southeast Tech's Pre-College Program Advisor

Anna Fischer

Pre-College Program Advisor
Mickelson Center 202E